FVRC Return to Rowing Action Plan

Below is a summation of the mitigation check list assigned by Rowing BC. For full and complete understanding, please click the link and read the mitigation check list in it’s entirety.

FVRC will notify all members of new updates regarding the operations of our club through the Facebook website including WHO and BC Health guidelines as it pertains to rowing.

All members must announce their intensions to attend training sessions via the club’s Facebook page to ensure no two groups are overlapping.

Consequences for non-compliance of Covid-19 guidelines and club physical distancing measures will result in immediate suspension from the club until pandemic measures are lifted.

Physical Distancing

All members must wash their hands with club-provided hand sanitizer upon entry of the FVRC building.

All members who do not live in the same household must keep a minimum 2 meter distance from one another.

Only members who live in the same household may row in the same boat. All other members must row singles.

Only members who live in the same household may travel to the boathouse together.

All members will complete a mandatory Covid-19 self assessment through the Canadian Government approved self assessment survey on this website:

  • A screenshot of the results must be sent to Jessica Walter before allowed entry into the boat house.

All members must bring and leave with their own materials including, but not limited to, towels, water bottles and clothes. These materials are not to be shared with other members unless they live in the same household.

All members who have increased susceptibility to Covid-19 are instructed not to come to the boat house until pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

Traffic Patterns

All athletes should come to the boathouse prepared to row, complete their training session, and leave quickly. Athletes may not use the bathroom or eat food at the boathouse.

Athletes can go onto the dock using the left hand ramp and exit the dock using the right hand ramp. Athletes must maintain the two meter distance while on the dock.

All members should leave a two meter distance between cars upon parking.

Ergs cannot be used at the boathouse.


All members must wash their hands with club-provided hand sanitizer upon entry of the FVRC building.

Before each training session, the coach will arrive first to wipe down all commonly used surfaces before athletes arrive. Only the coach will unlock and lock the gate.

Stretchers will be left out before leaving the dock. All athletes, after finishing their training session, must wipe down their boat before returning it to the boathouse. A “+” symbol, will be marked beside the boat’s name when the coach logs who rowed at each training session at the end of the session.

All oar handles must be wiped down with club provided sanitary wipes before and after use.

If a boat requires any maintenance that requires tools, only personal tools from that individual’s home may be used. Tools will be sanitized before and after use. If any boat requires maintenance form an individual who is not the rower of that boat, the rower will thoroughly clean the boat, leave it on the boat’s rack, and mark it for repair. The boat will be cleaned a second time after repair.

Sickness while at the Boathouse

In case of a Covid-19 (or suspected) case while at the boat house, the member in question will be directed immediately to their vehicle to wait while another member calls 811 to report the case.

If an injury or sickness is severe, 911 must be called.

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